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>> i want to thank you for choosing mlb in this process as well. >> thank you very much. thanks ms. fox, appreciate it. obviously cca is something i did not support earlier last year. but outreach is a great thing. what you're doing is terrific. we will go to budget and legislative analyst report. i want to say thank you to the daniel webster school. kids, you guys want to say hi? >> hi. >> thanks for coming by.
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ms.campbell? >> as you point out on page 4-3 of our report, when the board moving forward with c.c.a. in september 2012, they did amend a resolution requiring undertake extensive outreach of the program. these funds, the $1.4 million is suppose to address that issue. we do provide a budget. the $1.4 million will go to the outreach campaign contract with davis which is competitively selected. >> anymore questions. we'll do this in budget committee. i'll make a motion to -- thank you very much supervisor avalos. >> at this point, i like to open this up for public comment. any members of the public wish
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to comment on item number four, please step forward. >> [singing]. sometimes i like to quit, the budget doesn't seem to fit. hanging around in thiscy and town. rainy budget days and pc mondays get me down. all we got the budget blues. nothing is really wrong, i want to give budget money and i give you this song and hang the city around. it's city like a lonely budget clown. rainy days and mondays always get budget me down. hanging around hanging around give the pc budget money all around. rainy and budget moneys always get budget down.
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give it now. >> okay, any other members of the public wish to comment on item number four? seeing none, public comment is closed. motion to release the reserves and that is second. we can do that without opposition. okay, mr. clerk, please call item number five. >> numb number five hearing persons interested of proposed establishment of business based district known as moscone expansion district. >> thank you very much. we have lisa from office of economic and workforce development to come and talk about item number five. >> good morning chair farrell, committee member, supervisor avalos and supervisor mar.
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on november 20, 2013. the board of supervisors unanimously approved resolution to establish base to be known as moscone expansion district. it was resolution 416-12. in this resolution a public meeting on the proposed establishment of the district and collection of assessment was set for january 23, 2013 at the budget and finance committee. no action will be taken at this meeting on proposed settlement district. testimony can be heard and as members of the public are here to testify. in december a ballot for the special election on the proposed moscone expansion district together with a joint notice of the january 23rd public meeting were mailed to all businesses registered as hotels registered in san francisco. additional testimony on the formation of the moscone
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expansion district will be taken at the public hearing on february 5th at 3:00 p.m. at a meeting of the full board of supervisors. at the close of the public testimony on february 5th or at a future board meeting if the hearing is continued, the ballots will be tabulated. if the required ballot threshold is reached the board of supervisors will vote on resolution to establish the moscone expansion district. i'm prepared to provide you more information on what the moscone expansion district is but also wanted to let you know that next week budget and finance, there will be three additional items. there will be a resolution on the finding of fiscal feasibility on the january 30th budget and finance committee to be considered. an ordinance authorizing the certificates of participation
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issuance and supplemental appropriation for certificates of participation. all of those pieces of legislation will be presented on the 30th in detail and in for the board's consideration. again, another presentation on the 5th. i'm here to answer any questions you may have about the proposed expansion district and go over any information but also want to let time for the public if they are here to testify. >> thank you very much. colleagues any questions right now? i know we will be having many other items about the moscone expansion district coming up in the upcoming weeks. this is an informational item. thank you very much. at this point in time, we'll open up to public comment. john if you want to come up and speak. members of the public wish to speak, please line up. >> john san francisco travel association. good morning, thank you for having us here.
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as you know, san francisco travel continues to really appreciate the relationship with the city to transform moscone into a state-of-the-art facility that continue to attract convention business to the city. ensure that we remain competitive. currently the 16.35 million visitors that come to san francisco spend about $8.5 billion. of these visitors, 21% come through moscone. we know that due to size constraints we're at risk losing some of this business. we know from third party report, we've lost over $2 billion between now and 2019 because of size constraints. the m.e.d. will help us fund an explanation project that will allow us to recoupe a lot of that business so we will remain
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competitive. doing so, the city will realize significant benefits. these include the creation of 3430 jobs. the community as a whole will realize $713 million over the first seven years in incremental economic activity and the city itself will benefit from $321. with that, san francisco travel is in complete support of this. we know that our hotel community is well. >> i wanted to ask, can you put us in contract compared las vegas and san diego in size and how this may be competitive? >> well, las vegas is a whole separate university of itself because there are some hotels in las vegas that have convention
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spaces bigger than moscone. in our direct competitors when you look at san diego, san antonio, washington d.c., chicago, these are some of our major competitors. we remain small. we know there was an expansion currently planned in san diego which would put us at a significant deficit to what they have. we though that groups, particularly in the medical field, generally comes every four years to san francisco. has told us they will not come due to size constraints. this will even the playing field. we won't be as big of them but we are san francisco we know people want to come to san francisco. our customers tell us, even though you're a little bit smaller now, we want to try to get there but the biggest concern for most of them now is
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space. this project will allow us to have the space and allow those folks who want to come here continue to come here or come back to san francisco. >> thank you very much for that. next speaker please. >> [singing]. do you know the moscone way of san jose. there will be a place in san jose. i'm leaving on a harvey milk airport plane. don't know when i i'll be back again. i hate to go. there's sow many time we've come to town and we can use some budget money found. it means everything. i'm leaving on an airport plane.